8 thoughts on “A Very Mannly Christmas”

  1. I liked the dig at 2012 apocalypse fears. If he had made a direct comparison between 2012 fear mongering and the global warming fear mongering, he might have got sued.

  2. The left assumes the right is a front, not real but for pay, funded by a few really bad actors.

    Kochs and Fox News are shibboleths of great power to them.

    Projection or just guilt?

    1. Which goes along with them being so clueless about the tea party to call it all astroturf (something the left invented.) The tea party is not a top down organization (even using the word organization is misleading.)

  3. Rand, with all the respect in the world towards you, it’s this sort of mistake by Mann that makes me glad Mark Steyn is your co-defendent. Steyn has that rare combination of killer instinct and incisive humor that leaves his debate opponents sputtering incoherently. You — are reasonable, logical, well-researched, and generally plausible. If you take the stand you will quite likely leave a jury with an impression no worse than Mann’s, but little different or better. If Steyn takes the stand he’ll leave the jury holding its collective ribs aching with breathless laughter. Mann MIGHT have actually advanced his point by suing you. By suing the slayer of the Canadian “Human Rights Commission” Mann has bought and paid for his own destruction by ridicule.

      1. …or to put it another way, the complicit flee when no man pursueth.

        Mann climbed to fame by cooking the books, so anything that remotely challenges his credibiltiy is a direct attack on his self-image and lifestyle and must be responded to.

        Merry Christmas to all.

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