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  1. I’ve asked that ‘responsible adult’ question about teachers and guns weighed against teachers and kids myself. And I asked it of a teacher I know.

    Being a good, thinking father of 3, and a professing Christian who votes to the Right, he told me I don’t know enough about ALL that teachers have to go through to get and keep a job to expect them to get firearms training too.

    When I told him it could be added as part of mandatory Continuing Education Credits, he told me it wouldn’t qualify as it wouldn’t be beneficial to the children.

    I asked him HOW their safety didn’t qualify as beneficial, he told me the children’s safety day to day is their parents responsibility.

    So I said if that’s that case, why can’t their parents carry a legal gun into a school. He said to me, looking around the room at our other friends, “…this is always how it is with ‘gun people’ (he made air quotes) they want what they want and they don’t care WHO IT HURTS.”

    [emphasis mine]

    If a right-wing voting, gun owning, Christian teacher and department head in a public school thinks like that, what chance will there ever be for safety in our schools? And who DOES it hurt for teachers to be trained and armed?

    Nobody seems ‘hurt’ by it in Israel. Israel is a country that has basically been at war from it’s start until now. But in the last 10 years while we’ve had over 300 kids shot in schools, they’ve had 8 shot in schools in Israel. And there are people openly advocating the murder of Israeli children to stop the spread of ‘Zionism’, yet we’ve had almost 40 times s many killed in a country at peace.

    The only difference, other than the at war / at peace thing, is that Israeli children are guarded by armed teachers, while ours are protected by signs saying “No Guns Allowed On School Property”. So the question becomes, is the problem too many guns, or too few?

    Like Wayne LaPierre, I think it’s too few.

    And I don’t have any proof of this other than what I heard told on the radio locally after the NRA’s New Conference the other day. I do know before the news conference, CNN and HLN were both running a chyron crawl saying something like, “NRA News Conference upcoming, NRA has been all but silent since Newtown MASSACRE; LaPierre to speak soon, finally…”. Anyway, I heard that CNN showed the empty podium for 10 or 12 minutes, and just a few seconds into LaPierre’s speech they cut away to commercials. Then they came back near the end of the NRA speech, and stayed for all the reporter questioning nastiness.

    Given that the MSM gets an advance copy of any speech, what do you suppose was SO inconsequential in (that murderer loving rat) L’Pierre’s remarks that no one needed to hear (the crazy crap that was in) them?

    1. “But in the last 10 years while we’ve had over 300 kids shot in schools, they’ve had 8 shot in schools in Israel.”

      Population of Israel: 7,765,700
      Population of USA: 311,591,900
      (7,765,700/311,591,900)*321 ≈ 8

      1. Joe, you are ignoring the pesky fact that there are hostile, organized well-financed elements that ACTIVELY WANT to kill Israeli Schoolkids and YET the per-capita rate is no higher than the US!

  2. I have an accountant that I trust as an accountant, and a banker I trust as a banker. When my children were children, there were teachers i trusted as their teachers.

    And yet none of them would be my first choice for a bodyguard. That’s different job.

    1. I had teachers who were hunters. Maybe they wouldn’t have been bodyguard material, but I’d have trusted them to not make the situation worse.

      When my dad went to school pretty much every boy in class brought their gun to school during hunting season (I think he said that it was typical for a boy to get his first .22 around third grade). There’s a scene from Tremors that comes to mind, when the critters broke into the wrong rec room.

  3. Bilwick – Bloomberg’s bodyguards are trained, probably quite well. What proportion of American gun owners have had any formal training at all? And in what proportion of those who have is the training adequate?

    1. Here’s a little truth for you. I used to be a fixture at my local range, trading gun-cleaning time for lane time, and I saw a whole bunch of local cops and sherriffs- the type that would be respondnig to a call- going through. Big news: mostly they weren’t as good as most of the civilian pistoleroes who came in, and some were abysmal. Putting on a badge doesn’t turn a non-gun person into a gun person and most cops only touch their guns when they do their mandated practice sessions or their annual quals.
      “Formal training” for LEO’s is badly overrated. I’ll place my bets on someone who is personally motivated to train themselves and who spends the time to do so.

      And your comment is still off the point: Why should Mikey Bloomburg, crusader against the RKBA, enjoy the privilege of armed guards to protect his life and safety? Shouldn’t he be ‘leading by example by disarming his bodyguard crew’?

        1. But gee, Chris: Doesn’t the rationale for heavily-armed militarized police forces go away if the civilians are disarmed?
          Or is a disarmed civilian population and a military police force exactly what you have in mind?

      1. Dave, you are exactly right.

        16 hours of instruction and eight hours of annual refresher would be enough to train and re-certify Teachers to defend a classroom.

        Cops, excluding SWAT, get at best 40 hours at the Academy and an annual one day re-qual and some of the training being given in the Academies today is obselete by today’s standards too.

        I could take somebody who has never touched a handgun and make a competent and safe shooter out of them in two days with little difficulty.

        Give me a week and I could make them far better than your average police officer.

      2. “most cops only touch their guns when they do their mandated practice sessions or their annual quals.”

        Which doesn’t make any sense. That is like not drinking free beer.

        I’m sure their range time is so heavily subsidized they would spend next to nothing.

        1. Actually, a lot of departments make police pay for their own ammo. I think the real issue is time, though. It takes hours of practice to become good (just like with any other muscle-memory activity) and the time has to come from somewhere. Gun people make the time because they enjoy it; non-gun people have something more important to do.
          You would make the time. M. Puckett would make the time. Billy MetroUrban, who never handled a firearm before his Academy course and is privately a little intimidated by them, will have something more important to do.

      1. Come now Wodun, you are just being too sarcastic. Nobody is saying to take away houses, the Constitution protects that right. But seriously, who really needs fire these days? Central heating takes care of the warmth and smoking kills, so why fire? Oh, and buy stock in electric ranges.

        1. Actually, some of the so-called urban planners are in favor of moving people out of their inefficient private homes and into densely packed housing units. People are easier to manipulate when they have no control over their own environment. The urban planners’ utopia is housing units and mass transit for everyone (except them, of course).

  4. Gerrib continuing to pretend he doesn’t get the point so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

    In related news, water remains wet.

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