8 thoughts on “David Gregory”

  1. Whatever. Punish him like simiiar offenders. If a typical first time offender with no previous record is harshly punished for brandishing an empty , high capacity magazine, then he should be punished accordingly.

    1. Whatever. (aka ShutUp!)

      Great commentary there, Will. So what Gregory was pushing was that anyone should be able to own a “high capacity magazine” at least once. After that, then they should lose their rights? Call it a second strike law? The Newtown shooter, how many previous offenses did he have? Would your new idea of a law do anything about him? If not, what’s the point?

  2. Face it Rand, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Especially animals with a press card and a time slot!

  3. HOLY CRAPGUN Batman!

    David Gregory says we SHOULDN’T arm teachers or put guns in teachers desks but the hypocritical asshat send his kids to Sidwell Academy and they have so many D.C. insider’s kids going their that they have armed guards.

    Once again, someone from the MSM / the Left who thinks he, his family, his kids, his this, that or the other thing are MORE important than the simple people, the people of the land, the common clay of the country.

    You know… the morons.

  4. Gun laws, tax laws, drug laws, finance laws: they apply to the lower class little guys, not to the intelligentsia, not to the party bosses, not to the upper class.

    Are you an individual who wants to defend themselves against burglary, rape, or murder because you live in a bad neighborhood or have a specific threat against you, well tough luck. You should be denied the ability to own handguns and you should definitely be denied the right to carry concealed. Certainly the 5-20 minute wait for the police should be good enough for the likes of you. However, if you are a wealthy hollywood producer or a politician then by all means you should have armed body guards nearby if you feel the need.

    If you rob a convenience store or embezzle from a small company, that’ll end your career and put you behind bars. But if you commit fraud on the scale of billions of dollars then you not only will escape punishment, the government will come to your rescue.

    Also, if you are an inner city black man or woman then violating federal or local gun laws is a quick route to serious prison time. But if you are the attorney general or a journalist then such minor transgressions are easily overlooked.

  5. “Gun laws, tax laws, drug laws, finance laws: they apply to the lower class little guys, not to the intelligentsia, not to the party bosses, not to the upper class.”

    And doesn’t that sound like a description of the country who USED to be our Cold War enemy? Or countries who were our enemies during WWII? WWI? The Revolutionary War?

    I am reminded of an old “Pogo” comic strip frame. The topic of THAT time was pollution, and who was to blame for trash / pollution. Pogo ‘Possum was standing, looking at piles of trash, and he tells one of his swamp buddies, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

    If we had any Walt Kellys now, the cartoon would still work, but instead of trash, it could be shot up schools, theaters and malls laying toppled over all around Pogo.

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