8 thoughts on “Jesco”

  1. Jesco was one of the NASA “good guys” who understood that humanity’s future is in space. He was generous with his time and knowledge: I enjoyed interacting with him in the 1970s and afterwards. R.I.P.

  2. I did the last video interview that Stuhlinger ever gave and one of the last audio interviews of Konrad Dannenberg. Learned lots from both of them….

  3. For a second, I thought this might be about another person named Jesco. I like this Jesco much better. A far greater credit to the name.

  4. I think the best legacy the German “rocket scientists” left us was the absolute proof of the idiocy of ITAR. The first satellite we put up and the first American in space were both done using an upgraded V-2. But everything after that followed an entirely different design philosophy. The same is true of the Soviet space experience, in spades. Their propulsion technology is radically different from the Germans’, and is far superior even to ours.

    The point is that both the US and the Soviet Union looked at what the Germans had done, and did something different.

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