14 thoughts on “Gun Sales Up In California”

  1. More guns, less crime, everywhere it’s tried, except between the ears of liberals. WAIT, except in the HEARTS of liberals, as they always feel before ever thinking, about any topic, thus removing any ‘thoughts’ from them.

  2. You assume a causative link between these these various data points, when even the article you link to suggests that the drop injuries/death is part of a larger national trend.

      1. It is less as a percentage but the total number of households owning firearms has increased, just not as fast as the growth of the population. http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/265923/look-fine-print-guns-households-statistics

        There are over 40 million households that own more than 300 million guns. The fear mongering from anti-2nd amendment people would lead you to believe that the entire population should have been wiped out by now from the dangers of guns and yet deaths from guns, and more importantly deaths from mass shootings, are very small in proportion to our population.

        But what do you expect from people who were using the violence in Mexico as a justification to ban guns in the states even after learning of the hundreds of deaths from guns Obama sold to the cartels.

  3. The reason is fairly simple; the best way to avoid danger is to know it and understand it. Guns can be very dangerous, the more people who know and understand firearms the less accidents.

    An Ostrich (as shown by cartoons) will stick its head in the ground leaving its a$$ vulnerable. Liberals, by refusing to learn about firearms, do the very same thing.

  4. When I was a kid of about 20, I used to walk a lot in Manhattan at night in places tourist don’t go. It’s a small island. It was rather amazingly how consistently people would approach me from behind when I was alone on some dark street. I would turn and face them when they got too close (about 2 ft.) and they would always stammer something like “do you have a light?” Then would fade into the background when I responded “No.” I never felt the need to carry.

    During the day gangs were known to attack couples in front of everybody on a crowded street. This is described as being bold. It isn’t.

    The one thing criminals all have in common is that they are cowards. Faced with an armed citizen they will often suicide. Considering my own mental states I can say with authority this is the ultimate cowardice.

    That people would want to take away guns from decent citizens is just another form of cowardice. It’s disgusting.

  5. Feinstein’s gun control would not have stopped Sandy Hill.

    The Columbine killers used 10-round magazines.

    I’ve written a handy series of articles about gun control, the psychology of mass killers, and the Constitutional debates over at my website: http://www.thebartelists.com.

    The first article is here: http://thebartelists.com/2012/12/18/commonalities-within-killers-gun-control-thesis-part-1/

    With Obama promising to use his position to bring back the AWB, we’re in for a tough slog.

  6. …and read Lott’s excellent book, ” More Guns, Less Crime.” A lot of math, though, so perhaps you engineering-types can weigh in on that aspect of the book. 🙂 The rest is great.

      1. Somalia has strict gun control?!? How can that be? Every Democrat since 1993 has solemnly assured me that Somalia is the Libertarian Utopia!

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