9 thoughts on “Low-Information Voters”

  1. “You can’t blame this on the GOP. Obama owns this.”

    BS, this will be blamed on the GOP. Someone will say something like,”The GOP wouldn’t raise taxes on the rich without sticking it to the middle class in exchange.”

    1. Agreed.

      And they get away with it because there is no great Conservative spokesman who can articulate the reality in a way that captures people.

      I wonder if guys like Levin have ever challenged Lib/Soccies to debates.

  2. That’s my only hope out of this: that (now that the GOPF isn’t ‘holding the line’ on taxation anymore) a lot of people who thought it was safe to vote for Democrats, that their own income and future weren’t at risk, have just been slapped in the face by reality.
    Want to feel all warm and fuzzy because you’re supporting Sandra Fluke and you’ve Got Barack’s Back on Obamacare? Good… just be ready to downsize your house and tell your kids that there’s some very nice careers that don’t involve a college degree…

  3. I agree with Wodun – for Dave, the people you are talking about will be “informed” that the tax increases are the GOP’s fault. After all, if the GOP would just let the Democratic Party spend as much as “needed” then all those problems you list would just go away. The rich can pay for it, easily.

    I wish I knew how to break through but I know some of these people and no facts, no figures, no logic can change their view on Obama and the Democratic Party.

  4. Afraid Wodun is correct. The historical evidence is pretty strong that the DNC, with media help, can affix blame for anything/everything on the GOP regardless of any facts to the contrary.

  5. The response should be, “If Republicans wanted to stick it to the middle class and poor people, they would have let the Bush Tax Cuts for the Poor and Middle Class expire.”

    Between Obamacare and this latest deal, the rich people are getting a pretty big tax increase. So everything should be magically fixed soon.

  6. On the Left, you have the dupes, who think the policies they advocate have no adverse economic consequences, and will react to this with something like, “Duhh, how did that happen?”–and the smart/evil ones (like Soros) who will be rubbing their hands together and saying, “Excellent . . . excellent. It all goes according to plan.”

    It’s an interesting intellectual game to try to figure out in which category the State-shtuppers who post here regularly fall into. I’m giving most of them the benefit of the doubt and guessing it’s the first category.

  7. They don’t live in reality Rand. It’s impossible for them to meet it. Any lefty that wasn’t converted on 9-11-2001 isn’t going to convert. Reason has no affect on them.

    This is how tyrannies come about.

  8. Wodun;

    Heh. I wonder if Obama let the number slip up from $250K / year to $450K / year precisely so when the problems aren’t fixed, he can blame the GOP for making him change it. “We wouldn’t have this deficit if only the GOP had let me implement my tax program”. Just wait for it.

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