The Left’s War On Science, Part …

It turns out that fracking is perfectly safe, and the New York state government tried to hide the evidence:

Greens are quick to defend their climate change position with scientific evidence and have positioned themselves as a movement wedded to science. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that evidence is a flag of convenience for a movement that is rooted in emotion and passion far more than it likes to admit.

Because it doesn’t like to admit it at all, even though it’s mostly that.

7 thoughts on “The Left’s War On Science, Part …”

    1. I like your thought, Ken, but after a point the comment becomes irrelevant.

      The mask is more or less off, at this point, but then, it always was for anyone who looked closely at the American Left and took them seriously. All negotiations with them are in bad faith, the mechanism of government used by them to ruthlessly enforce rule by one culture over another. 90% of the permanent government bureaucracy, at all levels, make up an eternal undying apparat belonging solely to the Democratic party. This is bad because so much lawmaking authority, in the form of writing and enforcing regulations, is ceded to agencies of the government by legislatures. This hiding of a report illustrates this nicely.

      This is why I have my doubts about the efficacy of federalism. If I’m right about the 90% figure, which I admit is drawn from the musty cobweb strewn attic of my memory, federalism becomes a bit moot, I’d say.

      I’m being a bit of an Eeyore. Good thing if I am wrong about all this.

  1. If you believe fracking potentially provides a practically unlimited supply of methane, as many sensible people do, then there’s only two responses:

    1) Set up the infrastructure to convert power production and fuel production to methane.

    2) Do everything possible to stop fracking.

    You do the first if you want cheap abundant power from domestic sources. You do the second if you believe CO2 in the atmosphere is a more important issue than wealth and prosperity.

    1. 1) Set up the infrastructure to convert power production and fuel production to methane.

      It was converted already back in the 90s when Clinton was President. A lot of the electric generation capacity in the USA is natural gas fired power plants. Those plants were built to replace more expensive fuel oil power plants. Some even replaced coal power plants.

      2) Do everything possible to stop fracking.

      Why? If the energy is cheap enough it will happen. In fact it is happening already. The people in NY state may not want it to happen in their own ground for now since they can import energy for cheap but if it made more financial sense you can bet it would happen. If the Netherlands can explore natural gas so can NY.

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