8 thoughts on “Dryden Flight Research Center”

  1. Concur. It’s dishonorable to name a place after someone, and then rename it later. Shame on the House for passing such a measure.

    1. That’s different. It had been named Cape Canaveral for hundreds of years, and everyone objected to renaming a geographical location “Cape Kennedy.” It properly reverted to its original name after the protests, but it is still Kennedy Space Center. This discussion is about federal facilities.

    2. Ed, you’d do better in regards to Lewis now Glenn. I actually had another paragraph on that, which I deleted before protesting. Lewis is the airfield where Glenn Research Center is at now. It used to be called Lewis Research Center because of location. That’s akin to complaining about Dryden being once Edwards.

      As for Kennedy and Cape Canaveral, I consider Kennedy to be the NASA side and Canaveral to be the Air Force side. There’s even a more obvious geographical distinction than say Dryden and Edwards or even Glenn and Lewis.

  2. “Dishonorable” is the right word for it, bloody politicians, doing whatever they think will be popular. Few voters would’ve heard of that Dryden guy, so to them it’s an OK thing to do.

  3. On the other hand, Neil Armstrong really loved aeronautics research, whereas being the first man on the moon kind of derailed his life a bit.

    How about a compromise, with Dryden being renamed the “Buzz Research Center”

  4. I agree, especially since if it wasn’t for Dr. Hugh Dryden there may not have been a Project Apollo.

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