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    1. Except that’s quite illegal to own TM.

      And all because gangsters had them and the ‘smart’ people of the time thought guys who didn’t follow the law as a BUSINESS, would follow NEW laws because there were new, stiff, penalties. And gee, doesn’t THAT system sound familiar? But, regardless of ever stricter laws, to this day, bad guys break the law, get full auto weapons and use them. Law abiding citizens are helpless in many places, BECAUSE they follow the law.

      But way back in the bad days of Prohibition, the gangsters DID eventually quit shooting people and causing trouble. Not because guns were illegal, but because liquor BECAME legal again. Now many drugs are illegal and the bad guys use full auto weapons to run drugs and protect territory, instead of doing so with liquor. It’s the same guys, but the product is different. So here’s the question.

      Is there less crime when “X” item is made illegal or when it’s made legal? Or, are the people better served by stiff Chicago style gun laws or by more lenient Texas style gun laws?

      1. Machine guns are not illegal to own (at least in the US in general). They require significant paperwork and a lot of money, but plenty of civilians own fully automatic weapons.

    1. And I’ll repeat: If he had the energy to flee the house and attempt to drive away, he had the energy to come straight for her throat. There was no guarantee that things would go one way and not the other.

  1. She must have been stressed out of her wits, yet she still managed to put 5 out of 6 in the target? That’s some very good shooting, and she definitely did very well indeed.

    And yep, this is why larger clips are nice.

  2. Meanwhile, the shooters at VT, Utoya, Columbine and a few other massacres were able to change magazines more than a dozen times. They had more than enough time to do so. And whether they had 100 round magazines or 5 round magazines it would make little difference to their ability to kill so many.

  3. Yet another example of how the lots of feminists, are hideous hypocrites:

    They rage on about the right to control one’s body regarding child bearing. While I’m not wholly unsympathetic to that argument, I note that, as Rand put it, there is no more fundamental right than to defend your life….no more fundamental way to have control over one’s body.

    I should think we would see hundreds of feminists gathered around her house praising her. Instead we have…….


  4. As for her doing everything right, I disagree somewhat. Although unlike the bow-tied, lefty bum-kissing statists in this blog I don’t fault her and I still marvel at her self-possession and bluff running:

    Caveat – I haven’t read subsequent articles on the event so maybe the first things I read are inaccurate….

    1) I read she was on the cell talking to her husband.

    who called the police? Anyone? If she didn’t (and she should have) her husband most certainly should have.

    2) She didn’t use enough gun.

    – But experience is a good teacher and she has now learned quite a bit regarding stopping power and numbers of rounds.

    I have a buddy who thinks that the best home defense weapon is a 12 gauge pump with full choke and turkey loads. Hard to miss and devastating. Unwieldy though especially if one is alone and having to corral 9 year old twins in the bargain.

    1. I do kinda wonder what load she was using. A gun is just a mechanism for launching bullets, and if the bullet isn’t suited for the task (in this case, maybe FMJ instead of something from Speer or Hornady, or a half-dozen other quality SD products) you’re not as likely to succceed.
      OTOH, human beings are notoriously inconsistant in how they respond to being shot; maybe this guy just wasn’t going to go down to five shots of anything handheld at all.

    1. Well with a full choke and a turkey load the pattern spreads very little. But, as you, I’m not totally convinced.

  5. Sounds like she was using target practice loads: FMJ or TMJ. I’ve never been a fan of .38 special in general. I shot an old crappy snub nosed .38 special one time and it was horrible. I was standing 10 feet away from an empty 2 liter bottle and completely missed with 3 rounds. Stepped forward 2 steps to about 5 feet and missed with the other 3. I’d watch my rounds to see how to compensate but one time it’d veer left and then next to the right. Only good I can think of having a snub nosed .38 is if someone was standing right in front of you trying to slash you with a knife or something.

    1. Well just the appearance of a .38 might cause the attacker to …re-evaluate and go somewhere else.

  6. I don’t know about .38s but I’ve read there is a huge difference in 9mm ammo. Some will disconnect you brain with a body hit treating your mostly water body as a drum.

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