2 thoughts on “When Seconds Count”

  1. “If you call 911 to report a home invasion, at least the police will send someone to your house who is armed and ready to take on the intruder.”
    Not to change the subject, but given the number of Police Departments in the country who are cutting back, drastically cutting back or disbanding altogether, this isn’t close to be accurate any more.

    I do find it perfectly in line with the current ‘we dare you to defend yourself’ attitude among the Leftist thinkers in the country, saying that going after the ‘hackers’ might get the ‘hackees’ in trouble. I also find it stupid to say or suggest, as I do with other Leftist self-defense idiocy in general!

  2. The FBI is correct. Retaliation by breaking and entering on 3rd party servers is vigilante justice. The correct path is simply to give the intrusion logs to the FBI so they can investigate and deal with the occurrence themselves.

    Say someone stole your TV. Does that give you the legal right to break and enter into their home to retrieve it? I can understand personal frustration in such a situation but things are not done that way.

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