Clueless Greens

Starving the world’s poor:

We’re betting that this news won’t dent greens’ self-confidence. They will still insist that unless they are put in charge of the entire world economy we face disaster. The sad truth is that the more power they get, the more damage they do.

They don’t care about poor people. They don’t care about people at all, except themselves.

2 thoughts on “Clueless Greens”

  1. The lowering of the world’s population is a key concept in the green religion.
    Billions (of others, of course) must be sacrificed to “save” the world.

    As Agent Smith said in The Matrix “You humans are a disease. We are the cure.”

  2. What makes you think they’re clueless?

    Starving dark-skinned masses are a feature for them, not a bug. >:-(

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