5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Nonlack Of Regrets”

  1. There are several reasons for obesity in children today, it’s not the calories going in, it’s what not being used in activity:
    1. The widespread use of residential air conditioning… kids stay in and not go out.
    2. The Community Mental Health Act of 1963… kids are leashed, the insane roam free.
    3. Rise of TV, internet, electronic-mediated interaction, and electronic games instead of active games and real interaction

  2. “Though I think we were more active than a lot of kids today.”

    I know we were – even lazy-assed compulsive readers like me.

  3. There was also the recent finding linking obesity and diabetes directly to a gut bacteria called enterobacter cloaca, which signals the body to store energy as fat, cut off the fat-burning metabolism, and screw up insulin signaling.

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