The Left And The Media On Gun Control

Thoughts on the stupidity:

The position of pro-Second Amendment Americans is that gun ownership is part of the fundamental human right to self-defense, explicitly stated in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers due to an overarching political philosophy regarding the balance of power between the individual and the state.

The position of the anti-gun activists in the Obama administration is “guns are icky.”

The media consider them the intellectuals in this debate.

…Most laughable (and this is no laughing matter, which makes the White House’s position even more angering) is the “stiffened penalties for carrying guns near schools.”

So Joe Biden’s telling me that Lanza, overcome by his mental condition to the point that he’s murdered his mother and is headed to an elementary school on a killing spree, is going to stop 1,000 yards from the playground and think, “Hey — I don’t want Obama to take away my student loan subsidy. I better keep these guns away from school!”

These are the thoughtful, well-reasoned ideas from the Obama brain trust?

The Obama brain trust has always been intellectually bankrupt. And yes, I know the post title is redundant.

7 thoughts on “The Left And The Media On Gun Control”

  1. Some of my friends’ parents remember having to keep their guns in a special school locker because toting long arms through the halls all day would be inconvenient. No school shootings back then, either.

  2. I took riflery in college and we shot on campus, but no one was ever hit.

    But the latest from the White House is a vague threat from Biden that Obama will issue some Executive Order. I hope so. I really do. What can be more impeachable then issuing an Executive Order that somehow claims the 2nd Amendment is no longer going to be protected by the Executive Branch.

    And for the lefties, don’t bring up NFA from 1934, because obviously, those are not the laws Obama plans to enforce. Those laws already exist and can be enforced. It’s apparent that Biden means other laws, but unlike the NFA of 1934, laws created by fiat from the Executive Branch, rather than by through the legislative process.

    While we wait for the impeachment, who exactly those Biden think is going to go along with such a scheme? Does he really believe LEOs will accept an obvious violation of the constitution as grounds for rounding up registered gun owners and confiscating their property? It might happen in NY and CT, but there’s plenty of states that elected Republican governors with Republican Congresses.

  3. When I was in high school one of my teachers went to the same school when he was a kid. He said back in the day you could go out to the student parking lot and just about every truck had a gun rack full of rifles. Not a single school shooting back in those days.

    1. Honestly no. I think it would be like the fiscal cliff deal in terms of probability. However, I didn’t think Eric Holder would be held in contempt, but that vote was 255-67. Then again, like Clinton, nobody is doing anything about the charge against Holder. Maybe like Clinton, when Holder leaves office, some judge will slap his wrist real hard.

    2. Aye, we know impeachment wouldn’t get anywhere in the Senate where the Democrats are telling Obama to do this by executive order.

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