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  1. That is why liberals call it “evolution” and treat it like a creation mythology — something that happened long ago and far away. But of course Darwinism didn’t magically stop thousands of years ago, it is with us today, even in the human animal.

    Dawkins still calls it “Darwinism” but is very careful to tip-toe around the parts which might offend the “zeitgeist” as he puts it.

  2. The leftists say they accept “evolution”,but only for social status reasons. They really don’t know anything about it. Instead, what they really believe in is Lysenkoist Creationism where human populations in different environments are exactly the same in mind, and where men and women are just social constructs.

  3. FWIW I think things worked better when women took care of the home. Birth rates were up, the kids always had a parent around, and the median household income was the same as it is now. Double the number of people in the job market and it just makes the effective income get slashed by half. However this is how things roll now and I’m not a believer of forcing people into doing something they don’t want to do, or stopping them from doing something they want to do, so what the heck.

    1. Many women I’ve known would have prefered to stay home and bring up kids, but they couldn’t because either they couldn’t find a man to support them or they had to go out to work to pay the family bills because wages have declined so far in real terms since the 70s. So ‘feminism’ is already forcing many women to do what they don’t want to do.

  4. SUSSSSH we don’t want the statist to have the idea of Darwinism evolved specialization and traits in their consciousness. That usually leads to bad things them trying to use the state to control or help evolution.

    The other half is some of the enlighten left will say, that we are beyond evolution our society and technology allows us to adapt faster than evolution so don’t have to be bound to the old tenets/rules of nature/evolution/instincts.

  5. Mr. Grant – Various factors, especially including such items as vacuum cleaners and washing machines, made it possible for families to work (at least to some extent) in a non-traditional manner, which by the usual logic made it compulsory.

    To put it another way: Before the mass introduction of such items it was just about impossible to run a household with the woman going to work. After it, it became possible; and when something becomes economically possible it usually becomes compulsory.

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