The Media’s Gun Control Fantasies

Kim Strassel pops their delusional balloon:

Over in the House, when asked recently what was more likely — passage of gun control or Speaker John Boehner becoming a pagan — a senior GOP leadership aide told Buzzfeed: “Probably the latter.”

Even were the Senate to summon 60 votes (unlikely), and even were Mr. Boehner to risk the renewed wrath of his caucus by moving such a bill (crazy unlikely), any legislation would fall to members such as Virginia’s Bob Goodlatte (who runs the Judiciary Committee) and Pete Sessions (who runs the Rules Committee). Mr. Goodlatte is strong on gun rights. Mr. Sessions is from Texas.

Nothing will happen absent an executive order, and that will be almost immediately sued into oblivion.

7 thoughts on “The Media’s Gun Control Fantasies”

  1. It’s almost as if the MSM still thinks the year is 1953, not 2013.

    Hello fab labs and 3d printers.

  2. I don’t think it is a matter of fabrication, there simply isn’t the interest in further gun control laws outside the deep blue states of New England. Democrats are trying to take advantage of the shooting, and like the Arizona shooting, the optics look horrible. We have to realize there is nothing Democrats can do legally, and otherwise, they are just making themselves look like the extremist they are.

    Go listen to Cuomo’s speech. He sounds like a raving madman. If you listen, and not watch, you can almost imagine 1930’s Germany or Italy. The good news, it’s not the 1930s, and we have laws to stop totalitarians like Cuomo.

    Also remember, the White House is getting its legal advice from a man held in comtempt by Congress.

  3. I think the blue states are going t ratchet up their gun control and the red states will leave guns alone.

    This will cause more flight from the Blue states as crime increases. Which will ratchet up taxes, which will drive more people from the blue states……

    1. As long as they leave their politics behind, they’re welcome. Unfortunately, blue staters have a habit of running to red states because the blue state had become unlivable- and then pushing for the exact same kind of politics and policies that destroyed that blue state they had fled.

      The longer I live in NC, the more I realize that the bumpersticker that reads “We Don’t Care How You Do It In New York” wasn’t bigotry but simple wisdom.

      1. When I was first stationed in Colorado back in 1986, I often saw a bumper sticker that read, “Don’t Californicate Colorado.” Unfortunately, they did and it’s now a pretty blue state. I now live in one of the most red states around and like it much better.

  4. It was “amusing” watching them froth at the mouth about “assault rifles”, and then instantly switch to frothing at the mouth about “while the [evil, wicked] NRA was talking to the President, another school shooting happened!”… with a shotgun.

    It’s not about “assault rifles”.

    It’s about “guns scare progressives”; purely emotional at that level, and at the other level, “THEY like guns, WE don’t, so guns are bad”.

    (In general; of course various individuals don’t hew to those broad lines. But the broad lines fit staggeringly well, overall, and are both explanatory and predictive.)

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