Piers Morgan

…was pwned by Ben Shapiro last night.

One point that Ben missed. He should have asked Morgan if he was aware of what the precipitating event was that caused the American Revolution.

Also, he could have pointed out that at the time Reagan signed that letter, in 1994, it was also about the time that he announced that he had Alzheimers…

[Update a few minutes later]

For those interested, here is Ben’s new book.

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  1. The other response to Reagan’s letter that needed to be said: “Which set of statistics do you think is more reliable. The set that is a pure prediction of ‘What might happen’? Or the set that documents ‘What -did- happen?’ We -had- an assault weapon ban and …”

    1. This is actually great news. Because now the campaign to ban magazines is morally dead.

      After all, if one of the loudest proponents of a Federal ban on magazines, David Gregory, can openly flout a law banning magazines, why would anyone expect the average American to obey such a ban?

      From now on whenever one of these blow-hard anti-gunners raises the issue of banning magazines, the easy retort is, “what about David Gregory?”

      1. Don’t forget, if it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Just because David Gregory was given a pass, it doesn’t mean any “lessor” person would be. “Equal justice under the law” has always been one of America’s favorite myths.

  2. Much more to the point, Shapiro’s response was entirely appropriate. “So what?” I admired Reagan in many ways, but did not always agree with him about all things. Does Morgan seriously suggest that he is doing anything other than ‘cherry picking’ opinions from Reagan to find one that he likes? Reagan also opposed abortion, believed in a strong defense, and a host of other things that Morgan would no doubt find anathema…why does he attach any particular weight to THIS opinion other than it conveniently supports his own bias?

    Shapiro rejects this rather silly argument on its face, and insists on using reason to demolish his opponent. Watch the clip, it is priceless…

  3. Reagan actually recieved a Colt AR-15A2 sporter with the Presidenial Logo engrave on it in around 89 or 90. I had a magazine with a pic of him holding it. REAGAN OWNED AN ASSAULT WEAPON!!!! Somewhere, I still have that issue.

    Reagain supporting an AWB in 94 was Nancy using him in his diminished state as a puppet to do a favor for anti-gun police chief Daryl Gates. I lost a lot of respect for Nancy with that stunt.

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