6 thoughts on “Make The White House A Gun-Free Zone”

  1. Reminds me of the time I could not get the corporate jet because the CEO was using it to go to a seminar in Hawaii on “How to Address Level-ism in the Corporate Workplace”.

  2. And the kids aren’t getting 100%+ in any votes either, so does he REALLY need the Secret Service?

  3. I’m fairly certain that the White House is posted as a Gun-Free zone, or No Weapons Allowed zone.

    However, just like a number of other laws and rules with this administration, it’s a matter of “Weapons for Me, but not for Thee”.

  4. But members of the high priesthood are sacrosanct MUST be protected! You tax-serfs not so much. At least not until we finish looting you.
    The Cult of the State

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