6 thoughts on “What Was Old, Is New Again”

  1. Do your slax sufficiently convey your natural power—at a glance?

    If you’re wearing MasQ-Lines, the answer’s yes. Tired of half measures, we at MasQ-Line Corp. have put the codpiece back where it belongs, to say to the shiggies not kidder but codder.

    — John Brunner, Stand On Zanzibar (Doubleday, 1968)

    Another frighteningly prescient prediction from The Greatest SF Novel Ever Written.

  2. The name makes my skin crawl: “Hot child junk”? What the, ah, hell? That’s got to be about the worst name possible for this idea… the target audience seems to be guys in their late teens and early 20’s, who would hate the “child” part. The name also made me wonder if the were aimed at the pedo market. Ugh.

    Stranger things have been successful, but my guess is that name ensures failure.

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