4 thoughts on “Anthony Watts Versus Greg Laden”

  1. I think if he includes NatGeo in a lawsuit he should be able to get those concessions from them. They ought to have and adhere to higher standards than what Laden gives them.

  2. I disagree. In politics, conservatives and libertarians have played by the rules and tried to be reasonable; this has failed miserably. Our opponents see our desire to be polite and fair as weakness. The same scenario is playing out in all segments of society. It is time to show them that the assumption we are weak is false. To win in combat, with as few casualties as possible, you hit the enemy with everything you have. We have taken too many casualties, it is time for us to be unreasonable and to crush them.

  3. Who knew alleging people have sex with animals is part of the new civility?

    I would say that this guy should not be collecting a pay check for journalism and that Nat Geo should give him his papers and wish him luck on his personal blog but this is par for the course when it comes to journalistic standards.

    The comments are interesting too. They are defending the dishonesty because “deniers” deserve it.

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