4 thoughts on “Outrage Over Overzealous Federal Prosecutors”

  1. Part of it is structural as I understand it. If most such court cases had to grind through the legal system, it would greatly increase the cost of prosecution.

  2. That’s the “national conversation” we should be having- on the powers of prosecutors and their lack of accountability.

    Instead we are treated to a repeat of a conversation we’ve been having for the past thirty years, with the in-the-wrong side shouting the same old tired lies through brand new, blood-soaked megaphones.

  3. If part of the problem is structural, then the structure must be abolished.

    Can it outlast the Swartz case?

    No. Note the asymmetry in number between the “sanctuary” cities protecting criminals who violated immigration law and the number of cities offering sanctuary to criminals who violated the digital millennium copyright act.

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