5 thoughts on “Our Future In Space

  1. Old Cynic

    Whee! Space Is Neat! Support SLS! Don’t ask us what the logical connection between the two is, we’re NSS! Oh, and did we mention, Space Is Neat?

  2. Ken Murphy

    Is there a connection made at the Kickstarter project page between the neatness of space and SLS? Is SLS even mentioned? I must have missed that when I was looking for the ‘asteroid zombie apocalypse virus’ references that I couldn’t find.

    With friends like these…

      1. Ken Murphy

        I stand corrected. I had forgotten that that was the goofy risk chosen to lighten things up in that section. My vote was for the risk of a space/time reset changing the laws of physics.

        Still haven’t found any SLS cheerleading, though.

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