My Space Safety Press Event

I’m trying to do one on February 7th, immediately following the final session of the Space Transportation Conference in DC, which is only two weeks off. I’d probably need about three or four grand to do it, though, given the cost of renting a conference room at the Westin, and my travel expenses, and PR. I’m thinking about raising the money via Kickstarter, but not sure what the rewards would be. Just signed book copies? Autographed copy of the press release?

2 thoughts on “My Space Safety Press Event”

  1. Maybe I’m weird, but if I donate to a Kickstarter project, I don’t want anything tangible in return. It’s a donation, period.

  2. I like rewards, but sometimes it’s really just a donation for something I’d like to see happen. A signed copy of the press release would be fine.

    # Steve

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