14 thoughts on “The Guns Feinstein Wants To Ban”

  1. And if it does, simple name changes, along with a few cosmetic modifications, will bring the listed guns back on the market the following day.

    But the politicians will have done something, and that’s all that count. Vote for me, I saved your children.

  2. I think she also wants to “grandfather” in existing ones, BUT, mandate federal registration of them.

    My opinion? NO WAY IN HELL!

    I think we should all be very grateful for that scumbag newspaper that used registry and license records to put gun owners’ home addresses online. That kind of risk would have been dismissed as paranoia, had it not happened. Now, it’s one more big reason to never, ever register.

  3. Why ban belt-fed semiautos? Has one EVER been used in a crime? Do ‘criminals favor’ toting around a 30-pound ‘rifle’ with another 20 pounds of ammo feed?

    Oh yeah- these are Democrats. “It’s Scary!” is reason enough.

    I also note that DiFi started her presser off with a prayer session. Where’s all the Dems who complain about “seperation of church and state, maaan!” every time a Republican mentions God during all of this? Oh yeah: it only counts if you actually believe. If your religon is just empty posturing and window-dressing, it’s okay…

    1. I seem to remember that at one time Obamacare was dead in the water.

      The few women I’ve talked with about this (not at all a random sampling) are all in favor of doing something.

      1. Obamacare was far more popuar than gun control.


        These women aren’t calling their congresscritters. The gun owners right now are melting the switchboard at Capitol Hill down.

    2. RS,

      Given enough time, and not really that much more, more like a few years, at the rate the are selling, AR-15’s will be so common that any serious attempt to ban them will result in a Civil War. So for all intents and purposes, be unbannable.

      The media never mentions that there are ten times more of thes so-called assualt weapons in circulation now than before the 94 ban was passed.

      Now, they have stirred the Ents and sales will slow down when this attempts fails but they will stay elevated regardless. Give it another ten years and there will be 50 million in circulation.

      The city-based leftist media seems oblivious to this fact. Some anti-gun conultant was talking the other day about hundreds of thousands of hig-cap magazines in circulation already being a problem.

      I have got news for them. DSG Arms is expecting a 75,000 magazine shipment of M-3 PMAGS in the next few weeks. That is one varation of like ten types of AR mags that this vendor produces. This is out ofdozens of AR Mag manufucturers. There are literally millions of AR mags in circulation. There are tens of millions of hi-caps in circulation of all makes and models.

  4. I wonder if the idea is to get everyone worked up about “assault” weapons and magazines, in order to pave the way for a compromise on universal background checks.

    1. Probably. Half of Obumble’s ‘laundry list’ that wasn’t kabuki was attempts to weaken the protections against the NFA check system being used as a de facto registration system.

  5. In the case of Dianne “Turn them all in Mr. and Ms. America” Feinstein, she would ban anything more potent than a Flintlock Musket if she could.

    1. They’ve tried gun bans and ammunition bans, but have they tried propellant bans yet? Ban smokeless powder for civilian use?

    1. I couldn’t read the page at work, but a snippet from a google search implies that a meat grinder can be used to extrude cordite.

  6. Banning the semi-auto M2HB really puts the lie to “protecting the children”. Especially watch out for and resist universal background checks. Once in place, all that has to done then is to not fund the responsible agency for that purpose, and no more transfers of firearms.

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