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  1. Agree completely. I read Gary Taubes and went on a permanent lowest-possible carbs food regimen in July. Have dropped 30+ pounds since (ca. 11-12% of body mass) without any other lifestyle changes. I used to feel wired and nervous all the time. That’s almost entirely gone now. My diet is now largely turkey meatballs with no grain-based fillers, hotdogs, sliced turkey, beanless chili, cheese, cottage cheese, chicken salad, marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms, chicken fajitas sans tortillas, turkey bacon and the occasional scrambled or deviled egg. I don’t find that I really miss all the bread, etc., I used to eat. I go longer between meals without hunger too. Many days are two meals only with no sense of privation. My former chronic gingivitis problem is virtually gone too. But I ate way too many carbs for decades and I’m sure the accumulated battle damage to my body is not all reversible just by changing my diet at this relatively late date (I’m 61). I’m still too heavy and not very fit. I’ll be starting an exercise program soon to see if I can correct that over time. But I had been stuck at my previous high weight for 15 years. The change of eating norms has, so far, been a significant, and virtually no-effort, improvement. That’s my story. YMMV.

  2. I have gone to a strictly meat and potatoes diet with some veggies sprinkled in, with the weight coming off.

    I cook up a pan of hash browns and smoked sausage for breakfast and easily go without lunch most days. The few times I’ve eaten bread I felt bad afterwards.

  3. “today’s hybridized wheat contains sodium azide, a known toxin. It also goes through a gamma irradiation process during manufacturing.”


  4. I’m skeptical that the problems with wheat trace to modern hybridized wheats, though. I think it’s fundamentally that we have been eating it for nowhere near long enough to adapt to it, evolutionarily speaking. Maybe the modern wheat is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

  5. So who’s going to come up with an alernative? Perhaps based on flax? Or perhaps on non-hybridized wheat? (If it exists today.)

    Whoever could come up with an acceptable non-wheat bread substitute (that actually tastes good and has a decent texture) has the potential to make a mint. I know how to make a substitute using eggs and ground flax meal, but my recipe makes only slices, not a risen loaf of bread. After a while, it gets to be a PITA to keep having to make a few slices at at time. 🙁

    (On the plus side, it’s done in a microwave, so doesn’t take a lot of time.)

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