8 thoughts on “The Natural Right To Self Defense”

  1. In the immortal words of James Lileks, “I don’t have a god in this fight;” but didn’t Jesus tell his apostles to buy swords? Apparently at least one of them, Peter, was packing First Century heat that night in the Garden of Gethsamane. I don’t see any reason to believe JC wouldn’t have recommended an upgrade to modern weaponry if he’d lived in a later century.

  2. So to steal a line, they told me that if I voted for Romney and the Republicans a theocracy would be implemented and they were right.

    Hard to believe a party known for its religious bigotry would try and use religion to get a law passed.

    1. Seriously? You’re surprised when they go there? Periodically the (D)’s trot out some Left Wing proponent of Liberation Theology, abortion and gun control. They announce who he or she is, minus their leanings, all the while trying to make him sound like the Pope’s favorite canasta partner.

  3. In before some unthinking lefty attempts to mis-apply the “Turn the other cheek…” scripture that was describing an offense of the pride incorrectly to defense from mortal peril.

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