Forty-Six Years Ago Today

Ed White, Roger Chafee and Gus Grissom died on the launch pad, an event that resulted in the formation of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, and a complete overhaul of the design and management of Apollo. It was the first of the late-January tragedies that make this time of year a sad one for NASA. Tomorrow will be the twenty-sixeventh anniversary of the loss of Challenger, and Friday will be the tenth anniversary of the loss of Columbia.

6 thoughts on “Forty-Six Years Ago Today”

  1. That would mean 46 years ago these 3 days I was on my first Boy Scout Camping Trip. I remember walking past a newspaper rack while we were doing a 5 mile hike and seeing the headlines. I also remember the Scout Leaders going into long discourse about how exploration ALWAYS costs lives.

    My how thought patterns have changed.

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