2 thoughts on “For A More Grown-Up Cable News Culture”

  1. I almost never get my news from any TV channel any more. Fox’s content is almost “all politics all of the time.” Sorry, but there are things happening in the world that have nothing to do with US politics. Never was a fan of Sean Hannity and OReily is such a pompus ass that I’d just as soon be forced to listen to Obama.

    When they (any news channel) actually do try to cover a breaking news story, their coverage is universally horrible. Lacking any information and with hours of airtime to fill, they seize on any scrap of information and rush it on air before verifying whether it’s true or not. In between the scraps of usually inaccurate information comes hours of uninformed commentary and speculation. It’s pathetic.

  2. They might just be ordinary people possessed of extraordinary experience and expertise, relating information that the rest of our media either won’t touch

    Yes! That is what I want. Actual information.

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