Moral Disarmament

How our kids are being indoctrinated against the Constitution:

In a child’s imagination, a thumb and forefinger make a handy play gun. Some adults, however, see a fully cocked finger and their imaginations run wild. Maybe they imagine today’s finger-pointer coming back one day as a homicidal maniac and pointing a real gun at them. Maybe they see a future NRA member — another threat to their dream of a gun-free world. It’s obvious they don’t see a cop protecting them from robbers, or a soldier from our country’s enemies.

Punishing kids for finger guns has nothing to do with school safety; they know the difference between a finger and a gun as well as adults do. It has everything to do with “moral disarmament.”

What’s more, the idea of using schools as conditioning grounds is not new. Thomas Sowell discusses it at length in his 2009 book “Intellectuals and Society.” After the horrors of World War I, intellectuals of the time determined that “war” and “weapons,” not other nations, were the real enemies. They promoted both military disarmament and “disarming of the mind.”

And didn’t that work out well.

More and more, sending kids to public school seems to constitute child abuse.

3 thoughts on “Moral Disarmament”

  1. “What’s more, the idea of using schools as conditioning grounds is not new.”

    Indeed. That’s what the Scopes Trial was all about; keeping it compulsory for “educators” to stuff Bronze Age nonsense down their charges’ throats instead of a proper education.

    Wanting to indoctrinate children against thoughtcrime is far from being the exclusive preserve of the Left.

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