4 thoughts on “A Treadmill Desk”

  1. I switched to a standing desk at the office over Christmas. One month later, I think I like it. No miraculous difference, but I feel I’m moving and stretching a bit more…

  2. I had a standing desk for a few years — it was called working retail. There’s a reason I went into the office life and that 5 way adjustable roller chair was one of them.

  3. I’ve had a standing desk (homemade risers for my work desks) for about a year now, and I’m pretty happy with them. I was already fit, so no change there, but I do find I have better quality sleep, and an easier time relaxing when not standing. I concur, a treadmill would be overkill, and even more troublesome. The standing desks actually make it really easy to collaborate in my office (no chair in the way).

  4. My boss two jobs ago had a treadmill desk. He sold three of his four direct-reports and one peer on the idea. (I was the holdout)

    For a manager type whose job is mostly phone calls, reading emails, and replying, it works. For a software developer, not so much.

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