Death Panelists

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It isn’t hard to see why nobody is clamoring to take a job that offers low pay and lots of regulations and will make everyone in the country hate you.

But it’s been clear from the beginning that this is the kind of thing you get with a massive, centralized health care “fix” like Obamacare: 15 unhappy people in a room making enormously important but impossible to predict decisions affecting a broad and diverse industry (not to mention the lives and health of millions). It’s hard to imagine a centralized approach getting all the nuances of health care right—and we certainly haven’t stumbled onto the miracle cure here.

We sure haven’t.

9 thoughts on “Death Panelists”

  1. Key words: “Low pay”.

    Money fixes everything. In private enterprise this is considered greed. In government bureaucracy it’s “service”.

    1. In government, you trade a few years at low pay for the experience and connections, then go over to the companies you were regulating for the big cash-in. The revolving door between government, lobbying firms and industry is an old one.

  2. There should be constant FOIA request on who takes those jobs with their names publicized with their local medical society. “So, you think I should only be compensated 80% for this open heart surgery?”

  3. Obama has not authorized the characterization of this group as a death panel. We must wait for a Republican to be president before it can be called a death panel and Republicans will be blamed for ruining what is clearly a perfect program with their hatred of old people.

  4. I’ve read horror stories about the old WWI and WWII local Draft Boards playing fast and loose with the rules to the benefit of their own families and friends and people with a little money. This looks like a similar situation to me. It’s a system predestined for corruption, and graft of all kinds.

    And honestly, as fair a person as I am, if it was a matter of greasing the palm of ‘the board’ or parts of ‘the board’ to get a family member treatment that could or would save their life, I understand many people selling all they could to get that money to ‘the board’. Human nature is human nature. In life and death situations, power is a very corrupting force.

    I think only two kinds of people will ‘want’ one of these jobs. It will be high minded, hand-wringers who should NEVER be in charge of anything because they’ve got to ‘feel’ first and think MUCH later. Or it would be people who see this as I do, as a good way to make a few good, quick bucks.

    Or they could buy a house in the Bahamas that you ‘forget’ to pay taxes on with the money.

  5. This is the worst part of Obamacare. It isn’t so much the, ‘you get to keep your insurance, hah not really”, or the, “It’ll save $2500 by making you spend $2500”, logic. But it the unrestricted power that has been granted to the director of HHS and this death panel. You see, people have this, “I’m number one complex”. For some it’s to the richest person in the world, or the most famous, for others it’s to be the most powerful. Sebelius was able to, by decree, proclaim that birth control be free. No where in the bill does it say that women get free contraceptives. Yet, she said it was so, and it was; no debate from Congress as to whether we agree this should be so.

    There should be a font that would let me replace the letter ‘c’ in “America” with the hammer and sickle.

  6. The Obama administration is pushing in-home care. This means your friends from the government will be in your home if you need to see a doctor. What are the chances that those health agents will be tasked with other duties while in your home?

    I guess they have to find jobs for all those grievance studies graduates.

  7. Typical, looking a this as a threat instead of an opportunity.

    Strikes me that gaining membership on that panel would be a great way fro opponents of Obamacare to monkey wrench it 🙂

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