Peace, Love And Rape

Well, it’s easy to see why this guy would want to be sure women are disarmed:

Jerome is an expert on what kind of guns can be used to protect someone, since he is the kind of guy that people buy guns to protect against.

But according to him, you don’t need an AK-47 or M16 to stop him from raping you. It’s just overkill. When Jerome bursts into your bedroom, you don’t need that much firepower, says the guy bursting into your bedroom.

Senator Feinstein needs to bring Jerome down to D.C. as an expert witness so he can testify on just how much firepower a woman needs to defend herself from him. And maybe Piers Morgan can have him on too.

This is just insane.

8 thoughts on “Peace, Love And Rape”

  1. It’s simple.

    Put him in a room alone for 6 months.

    Then get some good looking babe to get him all wound up.

    Turn him loose in the Senators bedroom.
    [yeah, she’s old and ugly, but rape isn’t about beauty]

    Then see if her 6 shot pistol will stop him.

    [these people are lower then reprehensible on the human scale of scum]

  2. This is the kind of asshole that would tell me that a “tiny pink pepper spray is enough” for my girl friend to use in self-defense … screw him, I want her to have a .45 and .50 machine gun and mow his scum ass into a puddle of blood

        1. Don’t be too hard on me, according to Feinstein having a gun makes either no difference or makes the situation worse. Also I saw a report from Brazil where a murderer was blaming the victim for “reacting when I was simply trying to steal his car”.

          So I am just applying Gun control logic here, better off you don’t react and leave the criminals do what they want, in fact keep emergency condoms in case they want to rape you, although from reports I have seen from Argentina rapists don’t give a crap about you not catching STDs.

          They had duct tape ? I am sure it was to just restraint here for her own safety, to ensure they could steal the place in peace. It certainly had nothing to do with them wanting to rape her for hours on end, why are you prejudging these men ?

          Also Her 6 year old kid ? … I hope Pederasty is not cool lately … or that would have made a sick twisted double rape case.

      1. Given that the intruders had a roll of duct tape, rape may have been only the beginning of what they planned on doing to her. Her 6 year old son’s life was in danger, also.

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