2 thoughts on “The Affordable Care Act”

  1. That was always part of the plan…get the employers to dump health care and force the masses onto Socialist Obamacare.

  2. What always puzzles me is the wishful delusion of those who long for a single payer system. Take a look at every federally operated health care program, from the active duty military to the VA, from Bureau of Indian Affairs to Medicare and Medicaid. You’ll find poor cost management and often poor quality health care. Other than the care reserved for members of Congress and the senior Executive and Judicial branch, it’s hard to find a single example of a high quality, fiscally responsible federal health care program. And yet, despite all this, they want to turn over control of all health care to the federal government.

    What the hell are these people smoking, snorting or shooting that makes them believe this could possibly be a good idea?

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