More On Hagel’s Bad Day

From Allahpundit:

Ted Cruz is destroying him over America supposedly being the “world’s bully.” This isn’t a confirmation hearing, it’s target practice.

The beauty of this clip isn’t just the spectacle of Graham making Hagel eat his own shinola. It’s the fact that 90 percent of the reason the left has gone along with this nomination is to see Hagel push back on questions exactly like this one. He was the guy who was going to speak truth to power by standing up to the neocon warmongers and their “Zionist” puppet-masters — and here he is, rolling over. You could almost hear liberals screaming at their TV sets when Graham asked him to name a dumb move taken by the U.S. at the behest of the Israel lobby, “Say ‘Iraq’, Chuck! Say ‘Iraq!’” But Hagel can’t make that move. The Democrats will happily confirm a lightweight who’s unprepared for this hearing and unqualified to lead the Pentagon because he’s useful as a Republican fig leaf for Obama’s upcoming defense cuts. They won’t confirm a guy whose unapologetic conspiratorial mumbling about Israel’s hidden hand or whatever might alienate Jewish voters, and Hagel knows it. So he’s lying here, and not just about this either, purely in the interest of getting confirmed.

A bad day for Chuck Hagel (and Barack Obama) is a good day for the Republic. And Cruz is certainly a rapidly rising star.

4 thoughts on “More On Hagel’s Bad Day”

  1. This is a chance for the Republicans to make parting shots at a (brain-dead) lefty Senator without any blow-back. He will be confirmed. If not they will all have to work with him in the Senate.

      1. I guess I should have checked. Senator from 1997-2009 (D-NE). I still think the RINOs will cave and confirm him.

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