10 thoughts on “More On The Unaffordable Care Act”

  1. W-2 employees should look over box 12D carefully. This year employers are required to report their contribution to the group plan. Many employees will be astounded to learn how much their healthcare plans actually cost. My wife gets ours through work. Her company pays 19500 per year and we pay 8000. That’s for a family of five. Knowing that, it should not be surprising that the mandated plans, which mirror much of what group plans have to offer, should cost so much.

    1. My $5k deductible plan is $25k/year for a family of 3 (the $4k deductible plan I had last year would have been $31k if I’d renewed). $20k in 2014 sounds great to me.

  2. Considering the US Tax Code, what should we make of the IRS taking two years to figure out what is in PPACA?

    1. No, it isn’t, it’s an insurance premium. If you’re referring to the penalty, that is a penalty, not a tax, according to 8 out of 9 Supreme Court justices. Not that the Court’s opinion matters — they decide what is constitutional, not what things are called.

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