2 thoughts on “The Zenit Launch Failure

  1. Robin Goodfellow

    The previous Sea Launch failure was likely due to one of the engines ingesting a foreign object. I’m not quite sure how Sea Launch survives this. How do they prove their rockets are safe without bankruptcy inducing test launches? I guess at this point they have the advantage that total worldwide launch capacity is still fairly limited so it might be difficult to find timely alternate launch services for every payload, but that won’t last forever.

    Incidentally, Rand, did you happen to see the news story alleging that Iran did not actually successfully return a monkey from being strapped into a sub-orbital rocket? The evidence seems pretty compelling and it wouldn’t be the first time Iran tried to fake a rocket related achievement.

  2. ken anthony

    Always the dark side… how about the bright side?… Mars for free!

    Sorry Rand, I know ya want to smack me. Sometimes I just can’t contain my excitement. I’m still waiting to send you money for your book. When and how?

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