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    1. Yes, it’s when he orders lunch. That’s about the only exception I can think of though. πŸ™‚

      1. But is that what he honestly wants for lunch, or is he simply trying to bolster his image about what he eats? That’s the problem with a narcissist — you never can tell.

  1. I agree, this is a distraction, and a lame one.

    Hunting isn’t the issue, so Obama is trying to shift the focus to it, and then claim that, no, he’s not trying to hurt hunting. Classic Machivellian move, though blatantly simplistic and obvious.

    Regarding hunting, I don’t hunt. It’s not my thing, and to be honest I find it a bit distasteful. I do however fervently support hunter’s rights, and all other exercises of the second amendment.

    I guess I’m one of those who are of the “If you shoot it, eat it” mindset, and I’m not fond of venison. (I’m also a libertarian, so my preferences on this issue apply only to me, and I’d vehemently oppose any effort to make them apply to others).

    I do very much enjoy skeet shooting, and do it often. I’ve even done it off the back of a cruise ship, though that ended around the year 2000. Sad really; shooting off a rolling deck at sea adds another dimension to the sport, one I very much miss.

    I generally use a double barrel for skeet shooting, though using a pump for it can be fun. I like both.

    So, I call myself an avid skeet hunter. πŸ™‚ However, when it comes to skeet, I’m a hypocrite on the “if you shoot it, eat it” issue. I just won’t eat skeet. πŸ™‚

  2. Gun rights advocates are having more influence:

    One of the explanations from Forbes is that the gun rights advocates have a unified message while the antigunners are fragmented.

    Well, that’s easy to explain. Gun rights advocates only have to tell the truth, and there is only one truth. Antigunners tell lies, and since antigunners tell lies, there are multiple antigun messages that often contradict each other.

  3. Obama makes a fuss over this stupid skeet thing just when there is all kinds of bad economic data lined-up for the sunday talking heads…..hmmm…….

    1. Yeah. they’re gonna flog this dead horse as long as they can and as long as it distracts the masses from paying attention to more important things. We’re coming up on two months now, and nothing new has come from the gun-control nuts other than they now think they’re secure enough in power in enough places to actually ram through their wish list.

      At this point their only fear has got to be some sort of foreign policy disaster combined with an economic melt-down that can’t be easily exploited to increase their hold on power or easily swept under the rug.

  4. I think it IS about hunting.

    It may, just like in 1776, be about ‘hunting’ down and evicting or killing our tormenters. And if you’d rather use words like war or assault or revolution, go ahead. But in order for the bad guys, regardless of where THEY call home to cease being tormentative, they’ve got to get caught in the cross hairs, you’ve got to find them. Finding something, human or not, with a gun in your hand is hunting.

    Having said that, the ‘hunting’ stuff is a diversion.

    And it’s a line of hooey that is only fooling those who wish to be fooled. The majority of people are NOT being fooled given the number of first time gun buyers in the last 4 years and especially since November 8th first time buyers are out in droves.

    Several first timers are among my family and friends. I’ve got a good friend who works in a gun store. Here’s what I know to be fact, the new buyers are NOT buying because they’re afraid guns are about to be banned. They’re afraid of a government that would MAKE them a banned item. It’s not about getting in under the wire, it’s about a series of events that has Average Joe Citizen, saying to himself that he NOW needs a gun in the house, in Anywheresville USA, things have changed drastically.

    Hey, my 83 y/o, anti-BB gun [because, you’ll shoot your eye out] mother has asked what kind of gun she might get that she could keep in the house.

    When an octogenarian great-grandmother, after living in the same house, in a STILL middle class, low crime rate, families only, American neighborhood for 37 years, suddenly wants a gun, SHE hasn’t changed, the people she NOW fears have changed. And here’s the real kicker, she says she hears stuff from HER government that sounds like what her uncles said they were fighting in WWII.

    My mother asked me if I thought, the majority of people today even know who Mussolini was.

    So you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool people who know Fascism when it’s right in front of her 1st Generation, 100% Italian Nose!

    Anyone know how many light posts there ARE in D.C. ?

  5. I’ve said this before. I’ve always wondered how the good people of 1930s Germany could have allowed Fascism to take over their country. Read all the history you like, it doesn’t explain it. Now I look at what is being allowed in this country and I’m no longer puzzled, just angry. I see traitor people. They don’t know they’re traitors, but they’re everywhere. Where’s Bruce Willis?

    1. Coming soon to a theater near you, in … something like, “It Is a Good Day to Say Yippee-Ki-Yay.”

      I should have kept my blog by that name going, dammit.

    2. Ken, the ending of the Wiemar Republic isn’t that much of a mystery. It was a democracy imposed by force. Hitler wasn’t the only one trying to end the republic. For example, the German military had been evading the Treaty of Versailles, pretty much since the day it was signed. One of their principle leaders in keeping that silence, Kurt von Schleicher, whose job among other things in the 20s was apparently to kill informants who were trying to reveal Treaty violations. He was able to parlay that nasty career into politics, becoming the Chancellor of Germany right before Hitler took the job.

      There was a huge movement in the military, industry, and elsewhere looking to undo the humiliation of the defeat of the First World War. For them, the Wiemar Republic was already dead. Hitler happened to both be able to take advantage of this discontent and more importantly, keep any rivals from taking power in his place.

      If one is to look for a more relevant example of a dissolution of a democracy, I suggest eyeing the Fourth Republic of France during this time. After the First World War, it became terminally divided and made a variety of short sighted decisions, including the series of appeasements of Nazi Germany and the construction of the Maginot line (a supposedly impenetrable defense which didn’t even try to plug the path which the German military had taken in the First World War).

      I would say that it resembled to considerable degree the conflict that has taken hold at the countrywide level in the US, but even more divided and intransigent. Many on both sides had given up on France as a democracy. Vichy France wasn’t just a bunch of opportunists, but one of the sides (I guess what we’d think of as the conservatives/rightists) which had given up. When the Vichy French became discredited as a consequence, that opened the door wide to liberalization of France following the Second World War.

      1. … I suggest eyeing the Fourth Republic of France during this time. After the First World War…

        Actually, that was the Third Republic.

        1. Yea, you’re right. I’ve made that mistake before. I hate to say it, but it is hard to keep track of how many republics they’ve had.

          1. Not to mention two Directories, two Consulates, two Empires and I don’t know how many monarchies. They’ve never managed to find an effective form of government, but not for lack of trying.

      2. Large parts of the Maginot line were built by German contractors who underbid the French. I was reminded of this back when Bill Clinton was offering the Russians a partnership in any US anti-ICBM system.

  6. The 2nd amendment isn’t “only” about hunting. Say it isn’t about hunting and the jerks will try and outlaw hunting.

    1. Gander Mountain, Cabella’s, et al would fight that battle tooth and nail. Right now they are hiding and watching. But if they thought hunting was about to be outlawed, they’d weigh in, and loudly.

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