2 thoughts on “Containment Breach”

  1. I think we have this all wrong.

    I was reading how some dude is suing Lance Armstrong for selling said dude an inspiriational book that in hindsight is full of ha-ha. Y’know, passages about how everyone else was doping but Lance was not because after surviving cancer along with the anti-cancer treatment, he was not going to put unnatural substances in his body.

    So, do I need to sue Secretary Kerry for telling me a bunch of ha-ha? I watched his confirmation hearings and thought, “Wow, this guy is good. Wonder why he never got elected President?” When I heard about Mr. Hagel flailing about, all I could think was, “Dude, don’t you watch CNN? All you had to do was say that you agree with everything Mr. Kerry had to say?”

    But then Huff Po has this story about how the newly minted Secretary of State is saying that the President had tapped him to serve, saying to keep it under wraps, a full week before Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew.

    Holy SWIFT Boat, Batman! Do you suppose Secretary Kerry is just making this stuff up, just like the stuff about Cambodia and the stuff about baby killers and the stuff about throwing his own medals over the fence?

    Do you suppose that Secretary Kerry was just funning when he was solemly declaiming in his deep voice how the Administration policity on Iran and atomic weapons was “prevention and not containment”?

    Do you suppose Mr. Hagel was telling it straight when he said “containment?” Do you suppose Mr. Hagel sounds stoopid because he is telling it straight whereas Secretary Kerry sounds brilliant because he just makes stuff up that sounds smart?

    Do you suppose that Mr. Kerry is Bad News for America but that Mr. Hagel would actually be OK because he is the only honest dude left?

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