4 thoughts on “The War In New York State”

  1. Let me draw attention to two things: First, that whatever public official is giving the talk resorts to a blatant lie when he can’t answer questions about the penalties written into the law. Everyone in the room was right there with him, and yet he lies to their faces instead of admitting his ignorance.
    Second was Officer Friendly in the back there telling a citizen who disagreed with him to “Bring it on!”.

  2. A couple random things I have been thinking about:

    Since liberals blame Bush for everything, you’d think that Bush would be the best argument for the 2nd Amendment from the liberal perspective.

    I see a lot of comments on other sites from liberals about how an AK-47 or an AR-15 is a “weapon of mass destruction” because 20-ish kids can get killed from a 30 round magazine. If that’s what counts as a weapon of mass destruction, then I guess Bush was right, Iraq was full of weapons of mass destruction and still is.

  3. It just goes to prove that liberals don’t even believe most of the arguments they make. If they really believed that we were only a couple of terms away from a president who was “shredding the Bill of Rights” and trying to take away our freedoms and might not even step down at the end of his term, they would not be in favor of only the police and the military having guns.

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