14 thoughts on “Political Children”

  1. Given the extremely high rate of single parent/absent fathers in the black community, is it any surprise that Chris has daddy issues?

  2. What a maroon!

    So, up here in Canada, Prime Minister Harper is kinda my daddy too? He’s a good man, but I already have a father, thank you.

    No wonder 99% of blacks in the US vote for Obama: daddy issues.

  3. Wow.

    Going by the stereotype of: It’s the mom’s job to provide the litany of “Things that just aren’t safe!”, and the dad’s job to physically and fiscally protect the kids…. He ain’t the dad.

  4. It’s an interesting way to go, even for a guy who grew up knowing who his father was. Then again, The Same One looks like most of the AA dads I’ve seen.

    He does what he wants, when he wants, he takes no responsibility for his actions, and when things get tough, he leaves town. Now, if he’d start wearing his hat with the bill flat, with his @$$ crack showing above his belt line, he could hide in plain sight in 99% of the cities or towns in the country.

  5. But of course! Statists always think the State is our Daddy/Mommy (if not our god), from whom all blessings flow. Note the statist meme that libertarianism (that wild, whacky belief that one’s life belongs to oneself and not Big Brother) is essentially a rebellion against the parent. (Another reason to see today’s “liberals” as the New Tories.) Rock has just taken it one step further: Massa ‘Bama is not just a representative of Daddy State–he IS the Daddy!

  6. The level of delusion of a good chunk of the populace is really mind boggling. These people are literally out of their minds. I read the blog of one woman who wrote, and I quote: “I am in love with our President!”.

    These are not well people……

  7. The obvious question: Was GWB Chris Rock’s dad, too? Especially considering some of the BS Rock spouted on GWB when he was in office?

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