5 thoughts on ““Safety Is The Number One Priority””

  1. Maybe you expected him to say he doesn’t care how many body bags New Space fills up as long as the they start flying?

    Of course as an political appointee he is going to say safety is job one. Otherwise the Congress critters will make him eat his words when the first major accident happens and they hold Hearings to see who is to blame…

    1. He said exactly what I expected him to say, because he’s an idiot.

      There was no reason for him to mention safety at all, unless someone asked him about it. He could have said something like “Our goal is to be safe as practicable, while supporting a vibrant commercial space transportation industry.

  2. Slightly related question. Anyone know when XCOR is going to get that first air under the wheels? Doug Messier suggested September on The Space Show.. that seems like a very big slip from December to me. Any guesses on the cause? Surely it’s not related to the Texas news. I also hear rumors that they’re hemorrhaging staff, what’s that about?

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