The Inconvenient Facts Of A Cop Killer

I woke up this morning and turned on local news, as we almost always do, for weather and traffic. But it was non-stop breaking news about someone I’d never heard of named Chris Dorner, though the newscasters discussed him as though we were supposed to know who he was. Well, it turns out that he’s a hate-filled Leftist nutbag. That is, he parrots the mainstream media:

Dorner also lamented the fact that George Zimmerman was not murdered by Trayvon Martin. NBC injected race into that story, and may have helped drive a disgraced cop over the edge.

It’s pretty clear that Dorner is disturbed. It’s also pretty clear that the media and left have fueled his madness. His writing reads like a regurgitation of media narratives he could pick up on any mainstream leftist web site or media outlet. The same media are now censoring his manifesto. This comes just a day after news broke that another leftist gunman used leftwing propaganda to launch an armed attack on the conservative Family Research Council. Most media have ignored that angle, too.

A couple of days before that, a mass killer confessed to being taught to hate white people in college. That hasn’t become a media narrative, either.

If there’s no Tea Party angle and the media can’t make one up, they’re just not interested in reporting all of the facts.

Because everyone knows that the only “haters” are the Tea Partiers. Can’t disrupt the narrative.

[Update a few minutes later]

Sooper Mexican has the whole story, which the media, including apparently even KFI, don’t want you to know.

You’d think that John and Ken would be all over this. I guess we’ll find out this afternoon.

13 thoughts on “The Inconvenient Facts Of A Cop Killer”

  1. I’m not shocked that Handel went with the narrative, but I will be if J&K do. They tend to not let people get away with BS.

  2. Wait, this isn’t the same guy, who used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate page to target his victims? This is a new lefty that let progressive propaganda fuel his rage?

    1. Yes, there are three recent examples of violence done by leftists acting out their ideology. Gerrib will be along any time now to say none of it ever happened or claim that because this most recent shooter said elder Bush didn’t get the credit he deserved, the shooter was really a Republican.

  3. This also reinforces the idea that much of the left is driven by projection — they assume everyone else is just as unstable as they are.

  4. Why aren’t these media members totally disgraced? Sure, we know them to be what they are, but why not everyone?

    That’s the civil war we should be fighting and if successful we could avoid the kind that includes firearms down the road. This is a real war that should leave nobody on the sidelines comfortably ignorant.

  5. Is it just me or does it seem as though lately a lot more stories about shootings have been getting national media attention? A story such as this is probably worthy of such attention, but there have been many stories that previously would have been local that are getting much wider play lately.

    Anyway, I wonder how many people are thinking to themselves now how much they wish they had a gun to protect themselves from former cops run amok.

    1. The press is in “evil gun” mode at the moment, so every shooting outside of an area with strict gun control will be highlighted. Notice that shootings in Chicago rarely show up in coverage outside of Chicago, despite there being multiples every weekend.

    1. I’ve lived in both LA and NY. I’ll take a NY cop over an LA cop any time. LA cops distance themselves in an “Us or them” environment. NY cops are part of their neighborhoods.

      1. Neither group of cops seem to have any trigger discipline to speak of.

        Well, that’s not fair, we only hear about the dickheads who shoot up a crowd trying to gun down a single shooter, or light up a pair of women delivering newspapers in a truck that sort-of looks like their BOLO.

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