3 thoughts on “The Virtual Presidency”

  1. Whittle is great but seems only the choir is listening. In the last few moments he suggests something else up his sleeve. We can only hope.

    I’ve been thinking about mars so much that even when Bill doesn’t mention it at all it reminds me… The reelection of Obama woke me up. America is gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. It doesn’t matter if we are the sole superpower. It does’t matter that most identify with conservative principles. America is an idea that even people on the right can’t express.

    I’ve been talking about ownership being the key to mars and it has not caught on. Central planning suicide missions are all you hear if you hear anything at all… [wailing] it’s too hard [/wailing]

    Do you not see the relationship?

    I call that un-american. Fighting now is a rear guard action. The solar system may be our last hope… before governments nail down control of it as well.

      1. Sounds right to me. That it was only defined in 1975 is what’s astounding.

        Counter economics doesn’t ring true. I simply say government always messes up the market. That’s all they can do.

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