9 thoughts on “Hail”

  1. As bad as the ‘science’ is, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is the certainty of some as to what to do about it.

    Last night and today we’ve had terrible winds here in the round valley.

  2. Love that global warming.

    No, no, no! You have it all wrong. When things are abnormally cold or bad weather hits in the winter, you’re to say, “But weather isn’t climate.”

    On the other hand, any hot day in the summer is positive proof that global warming is happening.

    Weather isn’t climate. Climate is the plural of weather.

    1. Where have you been the last couple of years? It’s extreme weather and hence, had to be caused by global warming.

  3. Haven’t you heard Rand? Global Warming is a loser to the Eco-Greenie-Fascista…

    The catch phrase now is “climate change”….

    and so your hail and my blizzard is proof – PROOF!…that humans are destroying the planet…

    1. What he said…

      Next, Roland Emmerich predicts a massive volcano will erupt in Yellowstone and the earth’s magnetic axis will tilt; all manmade events ya know!

    2. I was informed about a couple months ago that “anthropogenic global warming” is a “propaganda term”.

      It was called “climate change” and “global warming” before in the mid 199xs the USA started a campaign claiming “antroposophic” (or “artificial”) global warming does not exist. So the propaganda term is AGW, not ‘climate change’.

      It didn’t seem to matter that AGW was used in scientific literature at least since 1989 or that it is a far more accurate term than “climate change” or “global warming”.

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