12 thoughts on “Ed Markey”

  1. Go to an amusement park sometime and ask roller coaster riders if they’re afraid. Most will say “afraid? well, not *really*.” Why? They trust the engineering. That’s why thrill rides are important.

    1. Actually, I was also told that he was also considered to be stupid by his fellow Members on the Hill. Which is really saying something.

      Don’t doubt that he will be Senator if no more senior Dem wants it. The shreds of the Republicans in this state have thrown in the towel. Here they’re not only the stupid party, they’re the dead party.

  2. Amusement Park rides?

    With all the crazy things that go on everyday, that kill or maim people in this country, this bozo wants federal oversight of amusement park rides? Not that I’m an advocate of federal oversight on much, but you’d think he’d go after bumper height and shape or coffee pot water output temperature or rubber band kinetic storage capacity.

    You know, the kinds of things the average person considers dangerous.

    [the revolution simply can’t start soon enough, can it….]

  3. I love that the article states that studies into roller coaster safety says they’re safer than bunk beds.

    To be fair to the distinguished gentleman, what would Congress do if it weren’t for half-formed (half-vast?) ideas about what’s good for us. I forget whether it was Glenn or Rand who said we should double their salaries as long as they promise not to pass any more legislation.

  4. Did they really have to counter Representative Malarkey’s roller-coaster G-force fears by citing sneezing? Now he’ll be out to ban that, too….

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