One thought on “The Memory Hole At NPR”

  1. It sure would be nice if there was a so-called “news organization” which valued accuracy over immediacy.

    I’ve never listed to NPR, mostly because I find the smarmy sanctimony and smug superiority exuded by all their on-air employees to be off-putting at best. From this we learn that they do recorded, edited interviews on-the-air and then edit them down later. So which is it? If they are supposed to be live, then the recordings should be the same every time. If they are supposed to be edited, then do the editing before air-time. At least put up disclaimer and show the editing in the transcript.

    Also, what is their criteria for editing out embarrassing off-topic stuff like this? Do they confer the same Memory Hole privileges for guests they want to look bad, and who oblige them? Of course they don’t. If some “right-winger” says something stupid, they make it the focal point of subsequent coverage. Just ask several GOP senate campaigns of the last few years how that works.

    (I also like how some people seem to think it’s this listener’s fault for believing his memory and not what his betters have edited, and then question them on what they did.)

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