10 thoughts on “Is There Anything Global Warming Can’t Do?”

  1. Jeezus on a pogo stick!

    “Too stupid to live” really should be a valid diagnosis for everyone at CNN. >:-(

    1. OK, people. Maybe there is a rush-to-judgment on the stoopid angle.

      Suppose, suppose, that said CNN anchor was trying to be “witty.” “Do you suppose the asteroid has anything to do with Global Warming, or is it purely a meteoritic phenonemon?”

      Think about it. The standard question is “Do you suppose Sandy/Nemo/The Great Midwest Drought/etc./etc. has anything to do with Global Warming, or is it purely a meteorological phenonemon?” The “correct” answer is Global Warming, but they have to ask the question that way to maintain the fiction of objectivity.

      I am think that the CNN person was not talking dumb and not snarking either about Global Warming being an explanation for First Lady Michelle Obama’s new hair style.

      “Meteoritic”/meteorological, get it? Ha, ha, very witty/urbane/funny in the way that reporters think dumb puns make them great writers/speakers. Sometimes when something clever comes to one’s tongue, once cannot help but uttering it. It is just that “Climate Change” is such a sacred topic that the joke, in context, wasn’t even funny and Bill “Science Guy” Nye didn’t dignify it with a response.

      The other thing, you are not going to get a response out of CNN because a proper defense of their anchor would admit that she cracked a joke about a sacred topic.

  2. [contrived rationalization]

    Now guys, she might be on to something. I mean, if the atmosphere is warming due to carbon emissions, it’s expanding, pushing the tenuous upper boundary further out. Which we know can cause extra drag on low-orbiting spacecraft and space stations.

    Why, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that an asteroid that otherwise might pass by harmlessly could be slowed by this added drag enough that it would collide with the Earth and wipe out all of human civilization in the blink of an eye! It’d be like Skylab only a million times worse!

    Or something.

    [/contrived rationalization]

  3. T.L. Your logic is so convoluted.

    Obviously, small asteroids striking the upper atmosphere would cause intense heating which would be transmitted to the stratosphere causing the dissipation of cloud cover allowing more solar radiation to make it to Earth’s surface causing a worsening of global warming. So it’s just the other way around. Global warming doesn’t cause asteroid strikes. Asteroid strikes cause global warming. And it’s gonna kill us all! We clearly need legislation to outlaw asteroids.

  4. Hey, I’ve heard people wonder if the lack of sunspots could be due to global warming, so this comes as no surprise to me.

    How does these nitwits manage to tie their own shoes?

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