10 thoughts on “A Crisis I Don’t Care About”

  1. You really want to antagonize us when we’re tumbling towards our version of deranged nic-fitting?

    Seriously, though, if the prices go up we’ll just drink the hard-core stuff. Get ready for a sharp increase in tiny espresso mugs and ensuing lifted pinkies.

          1. Jolt Cola didn’t come with guarana and the like. This stuff is descended from Jolt, but it’s not Jolt. The original stuff, they stopped making in 2009 or so. (As circumstantial evidence, I’ll point out that soda doesn’t cost $3.50 for a can and a third.)

  2. Shouldn’t this only really affect the organic coffee crowd?

    So this will place their principles against reality.

    Either way I literally won’t lose any sleep over it…

  3. Daily coffee drinker, but I switched to decaf. Couldn’t stand the thought of being needlessly addicted to a substance.

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