6 thoughts on “The First Amendment”

  1. There’s that line in that song by The Who, how “the shotgun sings its song.”

    Singing is expression, which is speech, which is protected by the First Amendment. But if my shotgun sings its song to prevent a bad guy’s shotgun from singing, that’s censorship, which means I’m in the wrong.

  2. Well, Kentucky’s constitution says “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, in defense of themselves on of their state, shall not be questioned.”

    If that was in the federal, you could say that the 2nd Amendment functions as part of the first Amendment that limits what you’re free to say. It also would mean that we could toss gun-grabbers in jail the minute they open their mouths to question the 2nd Amendment. Oh, for want of a federal clause.

  3. According to the Supreme Court, the First Amendment’s free speech provision covers actions in addition to words. As an example, burning a flag is protected speech. By that reasoning, I propose that the action of buying, owning and shooting firearms is also protected speech.

    1. Somebody help me jog my memory…the Left has long perverted the 1st Amendment with the “free expression” bullfrack interpretation, but for the moment I’m having a hard time thinking of specific examples other than controversial art exhibits and certain “expression” that children have access to. (Someone should research laws on art displays in the time of the Founders.) If “expression” is speech, just about anything is speech.

      Nobody offers a 1st Amendment defense for murder, rape, assault, libel or blowing up a federal building because those are ll blatant forms of theft – but they are all expression. The theft involved in child-access issues (such as what books are available at a government school library) is that of parental authority (thus exposing one folly of public education – “one size fits all” is a lie from the pit of Hell and the NEA/AFT). What other forms of “expression” as defined by the Left are also forms of theft?

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