10 thoughts on “John Brennan”

  1. “The organized left will probably say things like … ‘Show me proof, I mean real proof, not just circumstantial evidence'”

    Sometimes the organized left is absolutely right.

    1. But when the allegations are being made against someone on the right, they’re only too happy to elevate their ignorant assumptions about the opposition to the standing of “real proof.”

      It’s silly, therefore, to pretend that evidence at any level has any real meaning to them. It isn’t even as if they merely have a conflict of interest — they’re incompetent to even be a party to the debate.

  2. Isn’t he the idiot that broke most of the secret aspects of the Bin Laden raid, including the team that lead to response, which made them a target in Afghanistan (and many of them died after a successful attack of revenge). Why would we want to trust him with the CIA?

  3. One of the characteristics of a Protector was extreme intelligence. Brennan fails that at face value. Besides, he’s too old for Tree of Life…

  4. Is John Guandolo alone is saying Brennan converted in Saudi Arabia, or are others also saying it. Does John have credibility?

    I think Col. Allen West would make a good CIA chief. What are the chances?

  5. I doubt that Brennan is any more Muslim than Chamberlain was Nazi.

    The sad thing is that whomever Obama appoints is going to rack up a body count. Maybe even bigger than Eric Holder’s. Obama is philosophically insulated from recognizing and accepting military competence, and that has consequences.

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