4 thoughts on “Obama’s Latest Scheme”

  1. It’s not spending, people, it’s the fact that you aren’t given all of your money to the government.

  2. So, I was stuck at a place that had the CNN Sunday show on “GPS”. I watched as this guy that thinks everyone else is an idiot explained the situation. He began with the proposition: Is Obama a leftist, rightist, or centrist. He then described that the leftist (whoever they are) want more spending. The right, as exemplified by the House wants sequestrian. And Obama is trying to work in the middle by proposing a new compromise is being the centrist. The CNN guy even noted that Obama’s compromise is his 2011 budget.

    What the guy didn’t say was the sequester was Obama’s idea as a compromise in 2011. He suggested it as a fig leave to Congress demand to cut spending, when Obama was refusing to cut spending in his 2011 budget. The House moved to the center by giving up their fight against increasing spending for proposed future spending cuts by way of either sequester or proposed spending cuts by Obama. Obama never kept up his end of the bargain. Instead, he later demanded and got more tax increases, without cutting spending. Now he wants even more taxes and for Congress to remove the sequestrian concept. That’s not centrist, that’s totalitarian (I can’t call it leftist, which use to consider themselves true liberals, and expanded government is not that either).

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